HowTo Uninstall Fedora 19 and keep Windows 7 Safely

The recent post was about  Dual boot Installation windows 7 and fedora 19. this post is related to Uninstall Fedora 19 and keep Windows 7 Safely, i will be explaining all steps with screenshots.

On the  startup a boot menu appears like we can chose either windows 7 or fedora 19 see the blow screen short and boot from from Windows 7  so we start the procedure.


Windows 7 and Fedora 19 is already installed in the same hard drive as shown in below screenshot.


Step-1 Don’t touch your ‘ windows 7 ‘ drives and delete other all partitions belonging to fedora 19 repeating the below step.


Step-1.1 After removing all my Fedora related partitions it will look like this.


Step-2 Open runmenu type‘diskpart‘ and then follow the below screenshot.


Step-2.1 After processed the ‘diskpart’ my partitions looks like this.


Step-3 Restart your PC and boot from windows 7 source disk and ” Press any key”


Step-4 Chose language and next.


Step-5 Select ” Repair your computer “


Step-6 Select windows 7 and click  ” Next “


Step-7 click on ”command prompt ” to bring up cmd window.


Step-8 Type ” bootrec.exe /fixmbr ” Enter.


Step-9Restart your PC and you will see the windows 7 working normally.




Original Post:



Restore Grub in UBUNTU – Restore the Win7 After the installation of UBUNTU make win7 vanishing.


#sudo update-grub


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