Using Tizen IDE for Tizen Installation && Debugging with remote Device

i. Check the network status in the remote device

#netstat -na | grep LIST

It will show which port is this machine listening to.

ii. Open a port for the sdb

#sdbd –listen-port=26101<port_to_open>

iii. Check whether it’s successfully opened.

#netstat -na | grep LIST

iv. Connect to the remote device in the Tizen IDE

제목 없음

Then you will be able to install and debug with the Tizen Ide.



1.For the error below:


You will need to open the console in your target Tizen IVI device, and create a folder named “developer” in “/home” directory.


2.When launching the ide, it will pops up with some problems with install && uninstall.

Then you will need to open Tizen SDK Setting in your preference. and change the red parts.


and also, you need to do the “sdb root on” before install the application for your ivi device from your development pc.

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