Tizen IVI mpg123 && “error while loading shared libraries”

Recently Doing some stuff with Tizen IVI Modello_MultimediaPlayer:

But the application is not running perfectly on the Tizen IVI 3.14 since the source is not developed well yet.

So I Decided to install a command-line mp3 player and test if codecs and sound card works.

Check the sound card

#aplay -l (You will be able to see a list for your device)

#aplay **.wav   (it can only check the wave file)

Next I downloaded the mpg123 and built it via



#make install

and it gave me the result with errors as:

app@ivi_box:~/content/Sounds$ mpg123 00\ Jessie\ J\ ft.\ B.o.B\ -\ Price\ Tag.mp3

[oss.c:172] error: Can’t open default sound device!
error: failed to open audio device
error: Unable to find a working output module in this list: oss
error: Failed to open audio output module
[mpg123.c:913] error: Failed to initialize output, goodbye.

I stuck here for years and finally got my answer.

By just changing the configure with

#./configure –with-default-audio=alsa


#make install

The problem was vanished like a magic.

The key to solve that was reading “./configure –help” properly… T..T DAMN….


[root@im mpg123-1.9.1]# mpg123 –help

mpg123: error while loading shared libraries: libmpg123.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

[root@im mpg123-1.9.1]# vi /etc/ld.so.conf

include ld.so.conf.d/*.conf

/usr/local/lib      <Move this one under the first line.>





[root@im mpg123-1.9.1]# ldconfig

Problem solved..

PS. Maybe we need to install the alsa-utill stuff for the system.

Reference: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Alsa-sound-4.html


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