SettingUp JMeter For Server Load Test

  • Overall
    • This is Overall of My Jmeter Set-Up.
    • image
  • Details
    • 그림1
    • Test Plan and Thread Group Will just post the two screen shots to save time.
      • Thread Group
        • image
      • 1. HTTP Request Defaults
        • It sets the defaults of each HTTP Request in plan, So you won’t be need to set up the IP, port and other stuff for the rest of HTTP Requests.
        • image
      • 2. HTTP Request
        • Since we set up the defaults for the HTTP Requests, we don’t need to write the ip and port for the HTTP Requests.
        • And for me, I needed to send POST Request, so I set up like this. (I think I can uncheck the “Include Equals Options”)
        • image
        • Then, It will send HTTP Request like this one. (Observed From Wireshark.)
        • image
      • You can see there are two loop controller in the figure, and for the second one which is inside the first one, there’s a CVS Data Set Config. This is used for reading data from csv file and put it to the every loop’s parameter. Here are steps.
        • 1. You need to create a cvs file in your disk. like that.
          • image
        • 2. Put the HTTP Requests for your objective.
        • 3. Finally, add the CVS Data Set Config. in your loop logic controller.  Then write Filename, File encoding, and other parameters in the blanks.
          • ****Variable Names here will be split by the comma, I wrote only one variable’s name since I only need to use one.
          • image
        • 4. After that, you will be able to use that variable using ${something You Put As Variable Name} like this.
          • image
      • 4- The constant Timer is added to pause a second for each loop which is inside to push little lighter to the server.
      • 5- Are the Result Listeners add. You can get a report from it like this.
        • image
        • image
        • image

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