Red5 1.0.0 Packaging Note

1. Replace the “org.red5”

  • Download the red5 source code from the svn


  • Since Source code in that repository is not up-to-date, we need to download the up-to-date source code.
  • Change the whole source code directory – “src” in your eclipse workspace


  • Then you will need to download the related libraries to compile your “boot.jar” and “red5.jar” files. Easiest way is open the build.xml file in Java EE Perspective and Run “all” option.


  • Then it will download the libraries into “lib” directory, and do the stuff.

image (Downloaded jar files)

  • Also, if you downloaded all the libraries correct and compile successful, you will find the “boot.jar” and “red5.jar” files in your directory.


  • Refactor the package name for the red5, I changed them to the “vol.msg”:


  • Result:


  • [Quick Tip]

If the directory is represented in flat style, you need to change it to the hierarchical style.


  • Also Change the “org.red5” to “vol.msg” in build.xml file. All of them.


  • You also can change the file for several details.


  • Then I think you might be able to compile boot.jar and red5.jar two important files successfully. Other tiny problems will be ignored in this article cuz they were all easy to handle.
  • Also need to change the red5.* any strings like that.
  • Then Change download the tomcatplugin from the red5 svn, change it to fit our changed red5 media server.
  • image Theses are the libraries that tomcatplugin needs.
  • Got Tired of writing those things since I finished my work for repackaging the red5. It will be end of this writing.

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